Shaqu Spirit

aBoUt US



Lagos, the land of hustlers. Lagos is a place where the never say never attitude is personified. We strive for the best in Lagos and we do not take no for an answer, that is why you taste greatness in every bottle of Shaqu bottle.

Born in Lagos, made in London. London and Lagos have so many similarities. The non stop grind, the diversity in culture and the night life. Bearing this in mind, we felt it will only be right if we bring both worlds together to create the best vodka out there.

our Story

SHAQU is a superfly spirits brand with international appeal. Every bottle is artisan crafted. Every drop is smooth-as-silk.
Infused with Afrocentric culture and fierce flavour, our vodka, rum, gin, and whiskey are pure party starters.
When quality is called for, make it SHAQU. Raise a toast. Pour another…

our ViSioN

An avid collector of alcoholic beverages, founder Abiodun Adebowale noticed a gap in the market. The liquor industry called out for a fresh new spirits brand, inspired by all things afro. With the global liquor market forecast to reach 1.75 trillion dollars by 2024, SHAQU has arrived at a premium time. This is a brand that celebrates the beauty and power of African culture, aligned with today’s cultural zeitgeist.

Please enjoy Shaqu in moderation and make sure you put it in the right sequence. When you ask for it by name, bartenders and store workers may mistake it for the dance while the ones that know would give you the look of affirmation. Then nod intelligently as you gesture to the bottle with our name on it.

A drink born in the hectic city of Lagos and Made in London which is full of diversity. A drink that would make you dance.


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