Shaqu Spirit

Bienvenu Ekabo Sanu Ndewo Benvenuta Welkem ShakU
oFFIcIaL wEBsitE

Born iN
LagoS MaDe
in LoNdoN
EvErY BottLE
SHAQU is a superfly spirits brand with
international appeal.

The Name, The Dance

SHAQU was inspired by the Nigerian dance routine that went viral on the internet. In 2017, this rhythmic phenomenon took the diaspora by storm and soon became a global obsession.

Born on the streets of Lagos, Shaku Shaku united communities and
introduced the West to the power of Africa. We aim to mirror this moment by delivering a trend-setting spirits brand with international allure.

Get a Bottle Or More

When you open, pour and taste the contents of a bottle, we’re sure you’ll exhale in a relaxed fashion and nod in approval at what is a finely crafted, superior tasting drink. Born in Lagos made in London and named Shaqu derived from SHAQ!! This is a word in pidgin English or broken English popularly spoken across Africa and it means to drink.

40% Alc



BLoody Mary

Put a handful of ice into a large cocktail shaker. Pour 125ml tomato juice, 50ml Shaqu vodka…


Squeeze the juice from 1 large or 2 small oranges and 1 clementine and set aside. Put a handful…

Sea breeze

Half-fill a tall glass with ice then pour in 50ml Shaqu vodka, 100ml cranberry juice and 50ml…


Cut 1 lime into small chunks, then put it into the bottom of a sturdy tumbler and add 2 tsp golden…

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